100 Acre Wood Rally schedule packed with thrills

As flu season ends, rally fever begins, and many folks in Salem are coming down with a serious case of the 100 Acre Wood twitch. Symptoms include white knuckles, wide eyes, and a heavy right foot. Warning, those with rally fever should operate motor vehicles… safely!
David Higgins
David Higgins

This year’s highly anticipated Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Feb. 27-28 will feature a schedule of thrills, spills and front grills to equal any event in the Midwest this month, and all of it will be taking place right here Dent County.

The rally will officially begin at noon Friday, Feb. 27, in Potosi with a Parc Expose (car show) and opening ceremony. Starting at 1:30, the rally will begin thundering towards Salem through several stages across the eastern Ozark foothills. Service will be conducted in Steelville at the Steelville Middle School between 4:30-6:20 p.m. The last rally stage is set to end at 8:20 p.m. in Steelville.

As for the competition, the rally field so far includes 64 entries, including reigning 100 Acre Wood champ Ken Block. Nipping at Block’s heels though is current points leader David Higgins. Higgins is a rally legend and brings exceptional experience, having won the past four Rally America championships.For any newcomers, a rally consists of transit zones and special stages. A transit zone has the rally teams on the roads with the general public following the rules of the road and merely gets the competitors from one special stage to another. Special stages are temporarily closed-to-the-public sections of roads where competitors are allowed to travel as fast as they safely can, started one minute apart, between the start and the finish of the stage.

Trained, expert volunteers ensure the safety of the public and the competitors and provide a timing mechanism to score the event on the heavily manned special stages. The total elapsed times for each team over all the special stages will determine both individual class and overall victories in the event. The total composite times for both Friday and Saturday will crown a winner for six nationally recognized classes.