Josh Grant

Team TLD was out in force!

The 250 class featured some of the best racing of the night, with showdowns like Villopoto versus Dungey and Grant against Kyle Partridge treating fans to some head-to-head heats that came down to a hundredth of a second. Dungey set a dominant pace late in the day’s qualifying period and looked to be poised to take home his first Straight Rhythm podium, but McElrath had other plans, cementing the overall victory in the third and final race of their match up.

“Each run I got a little more comfortable and I really started to feel like myself at the end of the day and I thought to myself ‘I can do this again’” said McElrath shortly after stepping off a now-familiar location, the podium.

Villopoto showed the speed that made him a multi-time champion with a smile on his face all day.

250 Class Results
1. Shane McElrath
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Ryan Villopoto

Off the couch looking like the Ryan Dungey we know and love!


The 125 class’s riding evolved throughout the day as the riders attempted to utilize as much of the track, and their limited horsepower, as possible. Carson Brown found some of the key jump combinations early in the day, turning a challenging series of doubles into a double-triple-triple combo that his competitors quickly adopted.

125 Class Results
1. Carson Brown
2. AJ Catanzaro
3. Luke Renzland

Source: Dirtbike