Writing this article made me feel like being in a proper rally Subaru with long legs – doing 250 plus in sixth closing that “300m” in a wink, setting up for the long left after the crest ….. Magic stuff – if you get it right.

At the same time, I experience the same excitement when I think about the new venue where I will be re-starting the well proven Rallystar Motorsport Academy.

In conjunction with Sun Carousel I have managed to set up the all new Rallystar for a long exciting drive through a sixth gear sweep and we will be leading the adventure business by such a margin, that we would be able to take it easy and still win overall.

I hope to convince every rally enthusiast, fan and competitor – no matter where you live, to get involved in the new Rallystar magic project and help us create a motorsport, driving and adventure facility, where we can once again feel the adrenaline flowing and experience the extreme fun it will bring to us.

Every visitor will enjoy the Rallystar/Carousel facilities including accommodation, catering, entertainment and a perfect venue for product launches.

This wonderful facility will make it easier for you as competitor, also for the fan to get more involved in the sport without doing harm to the family relationship at home, because over and above the normal rally testing, training and adventure activity at Rallystar, there are plenty else for the family to do. Game drives, cycling, restaurants, a beauty spa and a great casino, air ball shooting range, to keep the rest of the family occupied while you make a little dent in your bank account on our fantastic rally roads.

Sun Carousel has gone to great lengths to help make this a success. There will even do “night game-drives” to coincide with our “night-drives” in rally cars.

The Carousel is 60km North of Pretoria next to the N1 highway. You take the slip road before the Carousel Tollgate or you can turn off at the Hammanskraal off ramp and enter from the old Pretoria road. Here your Sun International MVG card will take care of your entry.

We were also able to organise special prices for accommodation during the week (Mon – Thursday) – but not over weekends when the Sun Carousel is normally fully booked.

The use of this facility will add value to your Rally-Experience and the fact that your family can enjoy the visit contributes even more.

A little bit of background.

Most of you will know that I have been involved with rallying since 1967 and with Rallystar since 2002 and I believe that I have gained more experience in running this type of business than anyone else.

The management and control of Rallystar at Sun Carousel will be based on my 15 years of experience in the game and every successful thing we did at the “old” Rallystar will be applied to make the new project run successfully.

We will be doing everything we did at RALLYSTAR in the past better and more of it!

Rally-Self-drives, Hot-Seat spins, Assessment of young drivers, Driver Training, navigation courses and we will even expand our “motivation-courses” based on motorsport management (Rally your business to success)

We will do real “road” driver training – and offer courses for “moms with kids” – specialist driving and a few more categories.

We will run a Sprint and Super77 series, some Gymkhanas, fun days and a number of events not motorsport related.

THEN – the most exciting new development is that we will do some “NIGHT DRIVING EXPERIENCES” that will obviously pave the way for one or more Night Sprints.

We hope to be able to organise or host a National Rally and a Regional as well. We are currently busy negotiating and are optimistic that we will present at least one national rally.



Of course you can!

We trust that this time around you will see the need for you to be involved. Look at Rallystar objectively – and you will understand that every little bit you do, will help grow the sport as we provide the base for all rally and off-road disciplines.(No Motocross or Quads, sorry – not now anyway) You can help us grow the public interest and promote the sport right from grassroot level again,

We will do our best to create a track where standard cars can compete – buld a leisure 4X4 track purely for fun and in general we will do all we can to draw sponsors to the sport.

Your support can stretch from attending events or obtaining a membership package with all its benefits, right through to becoming a marketing agent for the company.



You will earn commission for every customer you refer to us, if you do the booking for the customer. If you manage to do a group or corporate – you can even be involved on the day they visit us.

Register for membership and as an “agent” with us and your customers can actually confirm that you have recommended them.

There are specific rules that apply to the commission system, but some of our agents earned in excess of R15K per month in the past.

Please contact us for all the detail.




We have got a membership package that will give you certain benefits and we truly hope that you will see the benefits and take us up on this offer.

Membership PMC – which will entitle you to apply for competition licenses from MSA,

You will get 50% off entrance fee to four regional/club motorsport events at Rallystar plus VIP parking and seating.

20% discount on your competition entry fees on all regional/club events organised by us, as well as on pre-booked testing or practice.

VIP entry to catering and entertainment facilities at the track.

Special prices on spa-treatment, game drives, midweek accommodation, cycling adventure, training, airball shooting range and some more.

The package will cost you only R950 for 2018 and you may pay in two instalments within 60 days from 28th February 2018.

You can also order a PMC/RALLYSTAR golf-shirt and cap for an additional R250.

You will receive a special discount on branding stickers, tyres, oil, filters, plugs and other products bought through our sponsors. This list will grow as we conclude more deals with suppliers.

Your membership will make your experience better and will help us to keep up the website quality where we have been promoting the sport for 15 years.

This is also an opportunity to make contact with sponsors in the sport and to bring your sponsors to a worthwhile facility.

We will entertain your potential sponsors and help you draw up and promote your proposals at a special fee. You will be invited to our promotional days and as member of PMC you will benefit from our services.

You will receive some coverage on the Rallystar website as well as the Rallystar Motorsport News FaceBook page if you are a competitor in events we cover.

You will also enjoy preference when we select driver – instructors to assist us.(see below)


We will also need the services of:

Drivers and navigators

There are positions for drivers and navigators who qualify to help us with the runs we organise – especially over weekends and then also Wednesday and Friday evenings. We will work out the dates that will suit you.

There is money in it for you and you will be trained to handle and control customers. Through this you will get precious seat time and find out how few people really understand the art of driving.

You will have to complete the Rallystar Driver and Instructors course on how to manage the self-drives and how to keep the cars intact during your own Hotseat runs.



We will be looking for a person(s) who can prepare and maintain our cars on a contractual basis and to be present during larger corporate events to ensure the cars will run to the end. These persons must have a thorough knowledge of Subaru vehicles for a start. Deal negotiable.



We will need some photographers, video and film specialists – amateurs will do for our purposes as well.

Drone operators. We are allowed to fly drones over the property and will need operators who can film larger groups who request this service.



We would like to offer certain “ADD-ON services” to our corporate customers – such as a video of the complete event. For this we will require a lady presenter with a brilliant personality and a voice that will not make hair stand on edge.



You may offer services at special prices in exchange for advertising and promo on products you would like to promote.

You can of course become involved as a sponsor on cars, banners, events, naming rights etc. We will gladly send you a proposal. No amount or company too small to participate.

This is a magic marketing opportunity for sponsors – allow us to work out a deal for you that will suit your budget and place you in a much better position to entertain and add value to your customer’s experiences.



We need a grader once a month.




MOST OF ALL – Please get involved with us. Apply to attend our open day on the 16th March where we will discuss all the benefits and how you can get involved.


Contact me for more information:

Leon Botha

082 555 3119 (sms and whatsapp)