Alsonso still wants a third F1 title

Fernando Alonso has stressed that racing in Formula 1 remains his priority as he prepares to return to the grand prix paddock in Canada next weekend. Alonso skipped last Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix in order to race in the Indianapolis 500 as part of his ambition to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso’s hopes of victory at the Indy 500 were dashed in the final 20 laps when he suffered an engine failure, having run towards the front of the pack for much of the race.

Although McLaren’s ongoing struggles in F1 mean that Alonso is likely to be resigned to running in the midfield at best in Canada, the Spaniard stressed that it remained the priority within his racing commitments.

 “My first priority is Formula One and to win my third world championship,” Alonso told The Mail on Sunday. “My second priority was to enjoy the experience of Indy 500, and I managed to do that.

“I’m happy but for one thing. The only thing missing is being competitive. It is all you can ask for as a driver and it is frustrating when you do not have that.”

Alonso’s future in F1 is currently being debated as he ponders whether to stay at McLaren beyond the expiration of his contract at the end of the season.

The two-time champion has been accused of making missteps in the past, given he has not won a championship since 2006, but Alonso has no regrets.

“I made each move from one team to another because I felt it was right in my heart,” Alonso said. “And if you go back 17 or 18 years, I was travelling in my dad’s van to go-kart races in Italy. I could have been working in a supermarket at home in Oviedo. And now I come to America and the people follow me everywhere.

“I don’t agree with: ‘What a shame. Alonso should have done this or that’. I have won 97 podiums and two titles. I think I’m doing OK.”