Africa Eco Race 2020: JL Schlesser is already working with good news

“We’ve been thinking of delaying the departure for years” – says Jean Louis . – “The competitors said they would like to spend the holidays with the family, so we will try, and we will see the result. Nobody forbids us to go back to the classic dates. “

Now that we have gone with the appetizer, we arrive with the main dish. Schlesser with his staff is looking for new tracks and already seems to have an idea about it. The stages in Morocco are under development, as local politics has given great willingness and propensity to the development of the race in the territory, but in this regard there is nothing concrete. In Mauritania, on the other hand, a track will be used that will take the riders to Tidjikdja (a famous spot crossed by the Dakar in the past) , maintaining the spectacular passage from Guelb el Richat with this strange figure of 50km in diameter. It will be a very difficult special, as usual in Mauritania, with sand and stones . But it does not end here because we also arrive with dessert:

“We would like to have a real special in Senegal, but it is complicated because there are many villages between St. Louis and Dakar so we have to dive even more into the country. It will be a new discovery because what it offers is a decidedly different landscape, with pristine forests and savannah. “

It seems that there will be big news in the pot for the “two winds” edition. We look forward to good news for the part concerning Morocco and the final route. Good job Jean Louis! 

Source: Rally it