The All-Star ‘Magic Weekend‘ which is set to become the first international rallycross event this year during the pandemic period will now feature a Legends class where the former motorsport heroes will be able to join in and participate on 2-5 July.

To introduce the Legends class to the All-Star ‘Magic Weekend’ is a great way to get the older generation drivers to have a chance to battle it out against their older rivalries from the past once again.

Höljes is one of the oldest tracks that remains on the international calendars, dating way back to 1976 when it first started to host European rounds. Many of the invited former drivers have been battling it out there before and now they will be facing eachcother to show who is the best of the best.

When we came up with the concept of the ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend, we wanted to do something truly different, and I think we have achieved that, with current restrictions meaning we are unfortunately unable to run in front of a crowd, we knew we needed to really take the show to the fans and offer them something extra – we want them to feel like they are at the track and take them behind-the-scenes from behind the screen.” Andreas Eriksson, CEO of Olsbergs MSE and one of the minds behind the creation of the event said.

“The new ‘Legends’ aspect will see some of the most successful and popular drivers from the past 40 years return to the fray for a very special showdown. I can promise you there will be some interesting names indeed on the entry list, and the young drivers keep telling me that I should have a go, too! Well, I did manage to squeeze into my old race suit for our race day simulation last month and I don’t think I did too badly, so you never know…”

Beside the All-Star ‘Magic Weekend’, RallyX Nordic will also host their season-opener on same weekend as a double-header.

The weekend will be hosted behind closed doors but it will also be livestreamed with the pay-to-watch function to raise the money for the Höljes venue owner Finnskoga MK as they are helping out to get the event going during the lockdowns.

Source: thecheckeredflag Image:RallyX Nordic