Andretti calls on Ferrari to join IndyCar

The Ferrari boss said that the team could look to deploy their “racing DNA” away from Formula 1 if the budget cap fell below the proposed $145m.

“Having Ferrari would be incredible,” Andretti told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Not only as an engine supplier, but also as a chassis builder. It is clear that the rules should be changed, but I would like an all-Italian Dallara vs. Ferrari battle. The Cavallino would increase interest in the championship, but there is an obstacle in the rules.

“I suggest Binotto comes and proposes an idea to Roger Penske.”

Binotto’s initial comments did cause reports to suggest that Ferrari were considering pulling out of F1, although the team later clarified that any new venture would be pursued alongside their involvement in F1.

A statement read: “He never mentioned about Scuderia Ferrari quitting F1. On the contrary, he said that we would not want to be put in a position of having to look at further options, besides continuing racing in F1, for deploying our racing DNA, in case the budget cap would be even more drastically reduced, putting at risk hundreds of workplaces.”

According to, Ferrari’s parent group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles were close to entering IndyCar as an engine manufacturer prior to the death of former CEO Sergio Marchionne in 2018.