Balkan Offroad Rally

Balkan Offroad Rallye is not only a race, it is a huge event, unique in Europe, with two major competitions: the Balkan Cross Country and the Balkan Extreme and an equally appealing “experience” like the Balkan Discovery. Finally, for lovers of safari and historical cars, the Balkan Classic will also be held.

The road book tells the long history of a country through a magnificent landscape in constant evolution. The Bulgarian landscape is an incredible backdrop for the ride, with fantastic views, lush forests and a vast network of dirt roads.

Bulgaria is perfect especially for the Balkan Cross Country thanks to a land that changes every day, which always offers a good opportunity for everyone. Mountains, stones, mud, sand, gravel, fast slopes and challenging sailing are the perfect ingredients for 8 unforgettable days. In Bulgaria, every type of offroad practiced in Europe is well represented. If you manage to complete the Balkan Offroad, you will certainly be able to take part in every other European competition! For some years now, the Balkan competition has also opened its doors to large trucks that have found themselves at ease on the fast Bulgarian slopes.

For the Balkan Extreme it is an uncompromising race. The paths are immersed in the mountains between rivers and ancient forests. This class continues the story of the adventurous Breslau style that has kept its legend alive for over 20 years.

The hotel option, available at the Balkan Offroad Rally, combines the competitive event with the feeling of being on holiday. The luxurious hotels offer intimacy and excellent service thanks to traditional Bulgarian hospitality and excellent local cuisine. In this way the rally will give you an unforgettable experience and maybe … lived with your family.

The high professional level of the organization, the high standards put in place and the beauty and difficulty of the route have earned the Balkan Offroad Rally the nickname of “Dakar of Europe”.


Three Marathon Stages and the most Kilometers ever!

11 days to go – and a nice moment to announce, that the Balkan Offroad Rallye 2018 will set some new records this year! First, with 2,700 kilometers overall and 1,730 kms special stages, the 2018 edition will be the longest Balkan Offroad Rallye ever. But not only this: During the week and the four camps there will be three marathon-stages, the longest with 580 kms.

The first big challenge will be SS02, a “Mini Marathon” where the competitors will move from the first camp in Borovets near Sofia to Starosel and have to pass two high mountains before finishing in a speedy section…

The longest day of this years edition will be SS04 from Starosel to the Black Sea coast – 580 kms total distance with 360 kms special stage, a nice mixture through wide open fields, low mountains and long valleys…

The third and final marathon will be SS06 – where the rally will reach it’s final camp at the Long Beach in Shkorpilovtsi… this would be the decision maker of the rally with it’s 500 kms of distance to be covered with almost only mountain terrain for the special stages..

Source: Story and images: RBI Media