Bloodhound: Land speed record car is relaunched

The Bloodhound supersonic car is back, under new management and preparing to renew its pursuit of the land speed record.
The project went into administration last year, unable to secure the financing needed to go racing – even though the vehicle was all but built.

But with the purchase of the car by entrepreneur Ian Warhurst, Bloodhound has been put on a new footing.

Engineers are looking to start high-speed trials “as soon as possible”.

These could take place in the South African desert later this year, although team-members are being cautious about giving hard timelines for the re-booted venture.

Mr Warhurst is determined, however, that the new set-up should keep its promises and deliver on its objectives.

“My kids kept saying I should buy a fast car, so I bought the fastest,” he joked.

“I knew that I could buy the car, save it and put it in a museum. But once I’d bought it we looked into whether we could run it, whether we could resurrect it as effectively a new project.

“It is commercially viable. We believe the value of the sponsorship will easily pay for the project,” he told BBC News.