BMW 100 years at Red Star

The BMW Car Club of Gauteng hosted yet another successful track day at the popular Red Star Raceway in Delmas on Saturday 20 August 2016. The event was held in conjunction with the brand’s 100th birthday Centenary celebrations. Bridgestone SA were also there with their pink squad to promote the Pink Valve Caps Project – Breast Cancer Initiative.

Leon Loubser
Leon Loubser

The day kicked off with the usual Bridgestone BMW Track School and Hot Lap sessions for those passengers who were brave enough to be taken around the track in the various cars from BMW Driving Experience which is the BMW Advanced Driving School.

The Bridgestone Track Challenge also brought with it plenty of fast cars with some impressive times being recorded as the competitors made their way around the tight and technical Red Star Raceway.

The highlight of the day was certainly the Centenary parade around the circuit which started off with a static display of BMW cars and motorcycles in the shape of Africa. This was followed by a few slow laps of the circuit by the 147 cars and 256 motorcycles that had assembled to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the BMW brand. The enthusiastic participants enjoyed the opportunity of getting involved in the celebrations and the smiles and camaraderie of all involved were certainly proof of that.

Once the Centenary parade was completed the track once again opened up for the Bridgestone Track School, Hot Lap and Bridgestone Track Challenge sessions. With nothing to lose the various competitors put in their best efforts to score the fastest time on the day. The top ten results were as follows:

  1. Leon Loubser (BMW E92 335i) – 2:00.393
  2. Pieter Zeelie (Lotus Exige) – 2:05.225
  3. Rick Loureiro (BMW E30) – 2:05.752
  4. Alex Desogus (BMW E36 M3) – 2:08.079
  5. Clinton Spence (Subaru Impreza WRX Sti) – 2:08.560
  6. Steven Coetzer (Nissan GTR) – 2:09.972
  7. Ricard Schuhardt (Porsche 911RS) – 2:11.570
  8. Andreas Meier (BMW E36 STC) – 2:13.184
  9. Mike Grobler (BMW E36 M3) – 2:14.161
  10. Warren Dodd (BMW E36 M3) – 2:14.681

The Pink Valve Caps Project is an initiative started in October 2013 which The Pink Drive was the beneficiary. The Pink Drive is run by an individual in the private sector who relies solely on sponsorship from business. The project is geared to bridge the gap between private and public healthcare and address the needs of less fortunate and medically uninsured by introducing Mobile Health Units which take health care to the community. This has been achieved through collaborative relationships with likeminded corporate partners.

Over the past two years a total of R1 million per year was raised for The Pink Drive. In the first year alone Bridgestone SA was able to donate towards The Pink Drive’s first Mobile Mammography unit. Bridgestone SA currently supports the initiative through fund raising efforts and the sponsorship of tyres for the mobile units and support vehicles since its inception.

The Pink Valve Caps Project in support of Breast Cancer was a massive success on the day with promoters raising more than R10, 000.00 in three hours towards this worthy cause!