Breaking news: Meeke wins Rally Mexico, but….

Putting the disappointments of two non-finishes behind him, the Citroen C3 driver Kris Meeke, finally got it right and have won the Rally Mexico that finished in Leon, Mexico this afternoon. But it was close or it could have been different as he gave away 20 seconds of his lead to Sebastien Ogier in die M-Sport Ford Fiesta on the last lap.

Here is how it happened:

1.7GBRK. MEEKEIRLP. NAGLECitroën Total Abu Dhabi WRTMRC13:22:04.6
2.1FRAS. OGIERFRAJ. INGRASSIAM-Sport World Rally TeamMRC13:22:18.4+13.8+13.8
3.5BELT. NEUVILLEBELN. GILSOULHyundai MotorsportMRC13:23:04.3+45.9+59.7
4.2ESTO. TANAKESTM. JARVEOJAM-Sport World Rally TeamMRC13:24:22.9+1:18.6+2:18.3
5.4NZLH. PADDONNZLJ. KENNARDHyundai MotorsportMRC13:25:37.5+1:14.6+3:32.9
6.10FINJ. LATVALAFINM. ANTTILAToyota Gazoo Racing WRTMRC13:26:44.9+1:07.4+4:40.3
7.11FINJ. HANNINENFINK. LINDSTRÖMToyota Gazoo Racing WRTMRC13:27:10.8+25.9+5:06.2
8.6ESPD. SORDOESPM. MARTIHyundai MotorsportMRC13:27:27.3+16.5+5:22.7
9.3GBRE. EVANSGBRD. BARRITTM-Sport World Rally TeamMRC13:30:46.4+3:19.1+8:41.8
10.30SWEP. TIDEMANDSWEJ. ANDERSSONŠkoda MotorsportWRC2RC23:32:56.5+2:10.1+10:51.9
11.31FRAE. CAMILLIFRAB. VEILLASM-Sport World Rally TeamWRC2RC23:33:39.2+42.7+11:34.6
12.34MEXB. GUERRAESPB. ROZADAMotosport Italia Slr.WRC2RC23:40:42.6+7:03.4+18:38.0
13.12UKRV. GORBANESTS. LARENSEurolamp World Rally TeamWRCTRC13:43:11.4+2:28.8+21:06.8
14.81MEXR. TRIVIÑOMEXM. HERNANDEZRicardo TRIVIÑORC23:55:41.1+12:29.7+33:36.5
15.8FRAS. LEFEBVREFRAG. MOREAUCitroën Total Abu Dhabi WRTMRC14:13:40.5+17:59.4+51:35.9