CARS Dakar Rally SS4 morning news and standings at PK243

Stage 4  Neom – Al-Ula
Wednesday, January 8th 2020

Cars at start 73

12:50 Stam struggles

    After 4 Dakar starts in a truck between 2010 and 2013, Teun Stam is back at the wheel of a Toyota in the car category, but after a solid start that has put him in 57th place overall, the Dutchman seems to have run out of luck and suffered a broken clutch at km 60 of the special.

1        302    S. PETERHANSEL     MINI    001:38:34        00:00:00
2        311    O. TERRANOVA     MINI    001:40:18    00:01:44    00:00:00
3        300    N. AL-ATTIYAH     TOYOTA    001:41:24    00:02:50    00:00:00
4        309    Y. AL RAJHI     TOYOTA    001:41:49    00:03:15    00:00:00
5        305    C. SAINZ     MINI    001:44:30    00:05:56    00:00:00
6        303    J. PRZYGONSKI     MINI    001:45:45    00:07:11    00:00:00
7        324    Y. SEAIDAN     MINI    001:48:25    00:09:51    00:00:00
8        310    F. ALONSO     TOYOTA    001:49:42    00:11:08    00:00:00

12:23 Neutralisation

    Many competitors have reached the 80 km long neutralisation —an opportunity to catch their breath before tackling the second part of the special. The first cars are waiting for the green light to start the final part.

12:18 Roma off the pace

    14th at 6’32 behind Stéphane Peterhansel after 108 km, Nani Roma has been unable to keep up with the fastest drivers since the start in Jeddah. The 2019 Dakar runner-up is languishing in 13th place overall, more than an hour back…

11:22 Alonso fizzles out

    Fernando Alonso seems to have lost some of the magic he displayed in stage 3. The Toyota driver has already conceded 8 minutes to Stéphane Peterhansel after 100 km of racing.

11:15 Peterhansel goes on the offensive

    Stéphane Peterhansel is determined to claw back time from his rivals on the road to Al-ʿUla. The Mini driver has just put in a monster attack, with the other Mini with Orlando Terranova just 8 seconds back.

10:43 Barrel roll for Van Loon

    Erik van Loon is feeling the heat after just 32 km. The Dutchman, fourth in the 2015 Dakar and currently sitting in 12th place overall, is trying to right his Toyota after doing a barrel roll!

10:39 Al-Rajhi takes control

    Yazeed Al-Rajhi is back on the attack in the first part of stage 4 and has set the fastest time after 55 km of racing, with 10 seconds to spare over Orlando Terranova. Stéphane Peterhansel and Nasser Al-Attiyah are also within 20 seconds.

09:53 Cars on the move

    Carlos Sainz kicked off the car special three minutes ahead of Jakub Przygoński. Next up, Yasir Seaidan is out to prove that yesterday’s third place was no fluke.

08:12 Al-Attiyah slapped with penalty

    Nasser Al-Attiyah has been handed down a 3-minute penalty after stage 3 for not letting a competitor through despite hearing the aural warnings of the Sentinel device several times. As a result, he is now ranked fifth in the stage.

07:35 Sainz under pressure

    Carlos Sainz has been on form since the start in Jeddah. However, following his fine victory yesterday, the Spaniard will have to prove that he can withstand the attacks of Nasser Al-Attiyah as he opens the way ahead of the Qatari. Stéphane Peterhansel will also be keen to find the key to regaining success, while a very watchful eye will also have to be cast over Orlando Terranova and Yazeed Al Rajhi.

07:05 On the way to Al Ula

    On the menu today, there will be equal shares of sandy stretches and rocky portions, mostly on fairly fast tracks. However, the competitors must avoid confusing speed with haste, because the tough navigation will require clear-headed choices to be made. On the link stage, history buffs will be keen to get their cameras out as the pass close by the Nabatean temples.

Source: Automobilsport