CNN Revisits Episodes On African Car Aficionados

The next episode of the television magazine, CNN African Voices, powered by Globacom, is a revisit of the celebration of three African car enthusiasts and their exotic automobile pastimes The episode focuses on the trio of Amirah Alladeen from Mauritius, Stacey Lee May, a South African, and Fred Apaloo from Ghana.

For Amirah, her passion for car rally was inherited from her father, Rayhan Alladeen. Together with her father, she created a rare record as the fastest overall racer during the last stage of the Mauritius National Rally Championship for 2018.

She has since sufficiently dominated the largely masculine rally racing circuit with her father often as co-pilot.

The second person to be showcased is Stacey Lee May, who is fondly referred to in her hometown as the queen of car spinning.

She has endeared herself to the hearts of her fans by performing jaw-dropping stunts, often hanging out of or jumping out of a muscle car while spinning “donuts” in front of a stunned audience.

Her truck driver father with the support of her mum trained May. She subsequently used car spinning as a way of freeing herself from bullies in school to make them realise that she could do anything she set her young mind to do.

May has become a pride to the family and her South African nation as a result of her talent for the dangerous art of spinning.

The last person celebrated on the episode is Apaloo from Ghana. His own interest is in antique wheels. He showcased his array of at least 20 cars ranging from British to German and anything classy, ancient and strong.

Source: Leadership