Daring move by Perez: “Red Bull Racing ís Max Verstappen!”


Daring move by Perez: Red Bull Racing ís Max Verstappen!

After a long career in Formula 1, Sergio Perez finally gets the chance to compete at the top of the sport. According to Robert Doornbos the step is also a daring one, because Red Bull Racing is the domain of Max Verstappen.


It took Red Bull Racing a long time to decide on Verstappen’s teammate for the 2021 season. The performance of Alexander Albon was not good enough and due to the strong performance of Sergio Perez at the end of last season the choice for the Mexican was finally made.

An extraordinary opportunity for the experienced driver, but according to Robert Doornbos one that also entails risks. “Perez is now entering Verstappen’s domain, of course. Red Bull Racing is Max Verstappen. On the other hand it is also an offer he could not refuse”, the former F1 driver explains to

Doornbos also doesn’t think the Mexican is going to make many enemies within Red Bull Racing, let alone his teammate. “Once it becomes clear that he is the second driver, he will accept that role and make it his priority to win the title for the team,” he said. “Perez is mature enough to recognise when the time comes,” the analyst continued.

Red Bull’s new driver has been given a one-year contract, but if he shows his good side it could extend to more seasons. Moreover, Doornbos also knows that there is more to Perez’s future after an active F1 career at Red Bull. “Once you are in at Red Bell and you perform, there are a lot of great things waiting for you,” he said. The Dutchman is of course referring to the many experimental events organised by the company.

Nevertheless, the focus will of course first be entirely on Formula One for Perez. “He has never been in such a good position to win races and to fight for a title. I think Red Bull really has a good one in Perez!” concludes Doornbos.