Doctor says Michael Schumacher should have avoided skiiing after racing accidents

A doctor has said he believes Michael Schumacher was at a higher risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury when he injured himself skiing.The former Formula 1 champion has not been seen in public since he suffered a severe head injury while skiing at the Meribel resort in the French Alps on December 29, 2013.

The chief spinal and neurosurgery director at the Asklepios Klinikum in Germany, Dr Christoph Goetz, told The Express people who have suffered vertebral injuries in the past are commonly advised against doing dangerous sports such as skiing.

“It would be conceivable that patients with vertebral injuries are advised to refrain from highly risk-prone sports because of the risk of injury.” In his debut year in F1, 1991, Schumacher crashed with his Jordan car at 280kmh, leaving him with a cervical fracture, which was diagnosed only years later.

He also suffered neck and vertebrae injuries and damage to the left side of his brain during his stint in the world of motorcycle racing, Michael crashed on the Spanish circuit in Murcia aboard his Honda in 2009.

It was not known if Schumacher was told to avoid high-risk sports, such as skiing.

Earlier this week Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn revealed fresh hopes about Schumacher’s health.

“We’re all optimistic about finding solutions in the future and there will be a time when things move forward for Michael,” Brawn,  F1’s head of motorsport who helped mastermind Schumacher’s success at Benetton and Ferrari, told the BBC.

While Schumacher has been treated at his home, there continues to be speculation of moving him to a specialist facility in the United States.

Ferrari are running a special exhibition to celebrate Schumacher’s 50th birthday, highlighting his successes that included 91 victories and 155 podiums.

Source: Stuff, NZ