Entries filling up fast for Inaugural RX2 on Ice Series

The RX2 International Series, the popular support class to the FIA World Rallycross Championship, will hold its first ever Winter series which is to be known as RX2 on Ice.

The Championship will take in four rounds from early February to early March 2018, visiting Östersund and Höljes in Sweden followed by Ål and Gol in Norway. It will comprise three different classes, from the headlining RX2 grid to support categories which the new RX Academy on Ice and crosskart-based Speedcar Xtreme.

Whilst RX2 follows the normal format of four Qualifying rounds, Two Semi-Finals and the RX2 Final during the regular International Series, RX2 on Ice will run do a slightly different format which will be revealed by the organisers in due course.

Due to the large amount of interest in this new series, the entry list for the RX2 machines has capped at a maximum of thirty entries only. However this has meant that Avitas Motorsport factory in Turkey has had to step up production to meet demand.

Two brand new cars recently came off the production line and are ready to be delivered to their owners. With orders continuing to flood in, further cars and more spare parts are in the works and the interest in the series has delighted Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson

“We have been overwhelmed by the excitement generated by RX2 on Ice since its launch just a couple of months ago,” explained Eriksson. “The phone immediately started ringing and people have jumped at the opportunity to take part.”

The likes of Cyril Raymond, Dan Rooke and Tanner Whitten were big names in the RX2 International Series during 2017 and with the Ice series giving drivers a chance to race each other hard in snow, Eriksson is excited about the new format to be used.

A new format that is slightly different to the standard RX2 race weekend will be used in 2018 for RX2 on ICE. Credit: Olsbergs MSE

“With the format we have devised, nowhere else will you get more competitive pre-season mileage, and not only that, but the low-grip surface will provide invaluable experience for rallycross newcomers and returning drivers alike.”

“Those are just a few of the reasons that we have seen such a swell of interest around this new series – so for anybody considering joining us, there’s no time to waste!”

Source: The Checkered Flag