F1 helping newborns with speedy pitstop know-how

 The pitstop procedures that allow Williams’ Formula 1 mechanics to change a set of tyres in two seconds are now helping speed up the resuscitation of newborn babies.The team said yesterday Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales had modified its routines to incorporate practices honed at the racetrack.
 Members of the neonatal unit visited the team factory to see how they carried out pitstops, while Williams employees have been observing similar time-critical processes.

Williams said the teams had subsequently implemented a number of changes. They included ensuring equipment could be located without delay, mapping out floorspace, using more hand signals rather than verbal communication and video analysis in post-resuscitation “debriefs”.

“There is a growing amount of evidence to support a systematic approach to resuscitative care which is time-critical and dependent upon optimal team dynamics and clear communication,” said the hospital registrar Rachel Hayward.

“Analogous with the requirements of an effective pitstop we have worked with the Williams team to implement Formula 1 techniques and processes to augment neonatal resuscitative care.” Former champions Williams have made the fastest stops of any Formula 1 team at each of the first four races of the 2016 season.

Williams, like other teams eager to develop new revenue streams, are keen to find uses outside of the sport for their technology and expertise.

Rivals McLaren have applied data management and race simulation expertise to help London’s Heathrow Airport reduce the time spent by planes circling overhead.

Original story by: Reuters.

Published in: Times Live

Photo: Gallo Images/Thinkstock