F1 labelled farcical as motorsport fans switch to MotoGP after Lewis Hamilton win

F1 fans are turning to MotoGP in their droves after the latest farce this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton secured glory in the Canada Grand Prix.
However, the British heavyweight’s win was hugely controversial after Sebastian Vettel was slapped with five-second penalty for dangerous driving.

Vettel won on the road, but was penalised for going on the grass and impeding Hamilton at Turn Three on lap 48.

The incident prompted a social media meltdown, with many motorsport fans claiming they’ll now turn their backs on F1.

“That’s the reason MotoGP is better than formula 1 as there is no funny penalties like this, pure racing only,” posted one irate observer.

“FIA is holding back racers and then they expects good racing. At least introduce a long lap penalty like in MotoGP. 10 sec 5 sec is bull****.”

“A complete farce, it means nothing. F1 since 2014 has been the worst period in F1 history,” added another.

“Hybrids and Mercedes have killed the sport I once loved. Still, I’m off to Spain to watch MOTOGP this weekend, it’s what F1 used to be, SPECIAL, very sad really.

One other supporter suggested he’ll be ditching F1 after half a decade watching racing on four wheels.

“The moment I switched off the TV set in the middle of a race after having been an F1 follower for over 50 years,” a post read.

“I’m done with it and no, I’m not even a great Vettel fan. In future I’ll stick to MotoGP.”

One fan simply proclaimed MotoGP is the better sport: “Lost all interest in F1! Nothing beats MotoGP.”

Source: The Star