Fernando Alonso wants to win Le Mans and Indy 500

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has big aspirations outside of Formula One, with winning iconic races 24 Hours of Le Mans and Indy 500 top of the Spanish driver’s list before he retires.Involved in his 16th year in F1, the 34-year-old Alonso is no certainty to go around again for McLaren next season, despite his contract running through until the end of 2017.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

Whether Alonso, who had a horrific crash at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix which forced him to sit out in Bahrain, is planning to retire remains to be seen, but the two-time Monaco Grand Prix winner does not want to do so before testing himself in the world’s oldest endurance race and IndyCar.

“There are three competitions that are the pinnacle in the legend of motorsport; the Monaco GP, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indy 500,” Alonso told AS.

“I know it’s difficult to win all three, I’ve already got Monaco and it would be a great challenge.

“If I’m happy and motivated I’m going to try and do it.”

Asked what his mum would think of him racing at Indy 500, Alonso jokingly said: “She probably wouldn’t know what it is, so I can tell her I’m off to Las Vegas to play poker and she’ll think it’s got something to do with that.”