FIA to hold private Max Verstappen meeting at United States Grand Prix

FIA race director Michael Masi will meet one-on-one with Max Verstappen in Austin. Max Verstappen will be called before the race director once more ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

The Dutchman got himself in hot water by ignoring the yellow flags during qualifying in Mexico last weekend. The Red Bull star went onto set the fastest lap but was hit with a three-place penalty for ignoring the warning signs.

Verstappen admitted he did not follow safety procedures and did not seem to care about the dangers that could have followed. FIA race director Michael Masi plans to warn all F1 drivers of their conduct ahead of this weekend’s race – but Verstappen will be hauled in for private talks.

“I heard what Max said and I will talk to him about it,” Masi explained.

“Yellow flags are on the agenda. I will discuss it one-on-one with Max but also remind the other drivers of the rules on the grounds of safety.”

Masi added: “We heard about Max’s comments in the press conference after I drew the attention of the stewards to the incident.”

“The rule is very clear,” Verstappen said.

“The only thing I want to say on it from my side – because there were a lot of comments about it – and looking back for sure, yeah, I should have lifted but then everybody should do the same.

“I know Seb [Vettel] did, but one silver car didn’t, then he doesn’t get a penalty and that annoys me as well.

But Masi explained the FIA’s stance on the matter.

“Lewis’ case was very simple: where he was, there were no yellow flags,” Masi said.

“But Sebastian and Max got the flags. Vettel slowed down, Verstappen did not.

Source: Express UK