Gemballa’s Porsche 911-Based ‘Sandbox’ Off-Roader Will Pack a 750-HP Flat-Six by Ruf


It’s inspired by the famous Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar racers from years AGO.

As a manufacturer that designs and builds its own engines and gearboxes, Ruf should have no problem turning the already 640-horsepower 2021 Porsche Turbo S flat-six into a Ruf boxer peaking at 750 horsepower and 686 pound-feet of torque. Marc Philipp Gemballa says that the first batch of ten “Project Sandbox” vehicles has already been sold in advance, leaving only 30 of the planned 40 units available. Unsurprisingly, the 750-hp Ruf engine will also be available for regular Porsche 992 Turbo and Turbo S models.

                                         MARC PHILIPP GEMBALLA
According to technical director Moritz Renner, the new Ruf engine complies with the latest EURO 6 emissions regulations and “has been subject to the strictest WLTP and RDE tests.” That’s pretty much a given with Ruf products, yet what’s for sure is that with 750 twin-turbocharged horses on tap, the off-road capable Marc Philipp Gemballa “Sandbox” should be nothing like the air-cooled 450-horsepower Singer ASC, a stage rally wonder based on the classic 964 platform.

Having been an independent manufacturer since 1981, Ruf has also come up with its own dune-happy 911 concept quite recently, which is based on the naturally-aspirated SCR, styled to remind you of the country-western cowboy culture of Oklahoma. Perhaps not surprisingly, the 500-horsepower Ruf Rodeo remains a one-off show car for now.

Source: thedrive.com