Guru Nanak Rally to kick off KNRC Series

The 2020 KCB Kenya National Rally Championships (KNRC) will have eight rounds with the Safari Rally being the leading event, according to the calendar. Safari Rally will be part of the seven rounds of the 2020 FIA African Rally Championships (ARC).

The first round of the KCB-sponsored KNRC Series will be Guru Nanak hosted by the Sikh Union Club next weekend. The rest of the events will be held in Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nanyuki and Eldoret, respectively.

Apart from Kenya, the rest of the ARC events will be hosted by Ivory Coast, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania, respectively.

The door numbers for the participants of the 2020 KCB Kenya National Rally Championship were released earlier on.

The seeding list of the top eight drivers is based on each of the top eight finishers from the previous overall championship of the KNRC (in this case from end of 2019). Each of them has to start first on road in each of the eight rounds of the series for fair play.

The rotation system is to make sure that the same driver doesn’t “open” the stages in all rallies. Not all drivers, however “courageous or fast” would like to start off first on road as that would mean “clearing” the route for the rest of the cars.
Source: Kenyan Tribune