Himalaya Suits Up Land Rovers For 007 Fans With Spectre Defender


There are few things in the automotive world cooler than a Bond car. From rocket-launching Aston Martins to submersible Lotuses, the list of over-the-top cars featured in the films is long and legendary. That list includes a Land Rover Defender in the latest of the films, Spectre. That’s where Himalaya comes in. Being a shop solely focused on the Defender, they have taken the challenge of recreating the iconic Bond off-road vehicle and making it available for public sale.

When replicating a movie vehicle, getting the look right is critical. Himalaya achieves this by starting with a brand new frame to ensure the tightest of tolerances. Next, the body panels are sourced from across the pond and assembled in Himalaya’s South Carolina facility. Himalaya designs and manufactures their own handles, latches and other exterior components to ensure a seamless look.


A big part of the Spectre version’s look is in the body armor. Safety Devices supplies the exo-cage as well as the front end armor. The rest is custom-made or modified pieces from other manufacturers like the Poison Spyder Wrangler receiver hitch and bumpers. Overall, this Defender delivers a tough, tactical look faithful to the movie.

When it comes to the power train, an LS3 is mated to a 6L80E transmission to give the SUV 525HP in its standard form. If that power combo doesn’t work for you, Himalaya also offers an optional supercharger for the LS or Cummins diesel package. Regardless of engine options, the power is directed through a beefed-up transfer case and heavy duty axles on its way to the 37-inch BFGs.

Suspension-wise, Himalaya crafts a custom setup delivering four inches of lift for the Defender. Custom control arms and springs are all Himalaya, while Currie Johnny joints keep things moving. Fox remote reservoir shocks come in with the dampening control.

Inside, the tough and rugged style is toned down for a more modern and comfortable cabin. Using Land Rover Puma trim level upholstery pays homage to the vehicle’s roots while providing a level of luxury not often associated with a vehicle this capable. To further the in-cabin experience, sound-deadening materials were added to keep noise levels to a minimum. To ensure things aren’t too quiet inside, a Kenwood and JL audio system is included.

Overall, the Spectre is an amazing-looking rig with capabilities to match its rugged appearance. With a price tag of $250,000, this may not be the top-selling off-roader on the trail but, for discerning off-roaders and movie fans alike, it offers a unique opportunity to hit the trails in a style usually reserved for tuxedo-wearing super spies.

Source: Off-Road Xstreme