Horner : Kyvat is very quick Formula 1,

Red Bull boss Christian Horner is excited to see what the “phenomenal” and “very quick” new driver Daniil Kyvat can achieve in 2015.  Kyvat is very quick The 20-year-old has been promoted to the line-up after Sebastian Vettel announced he would leave the team in October, eventually joining Ferrari as Fernando Alonso’s replacement.
Daniil Kyvaat
Daniil Kyvaat
Horner opted for Kyvaat over more experienced drivers already in the sport, with the Russian spending his only season in F1 at Toro Rosso during 2014. Red Bull expect big things from their new recruit and Horner has no doubts about his ability. “The way he has performed this year has been phenomenal, he’s been very quick,” he said. “I think what gave us real confidence was the performance Daniel Ricciardo has delivered this year. Giving him the opportunity has given us the confidence that you can invest in youth and you can believe and trust in it. That’s why we’ve taken Dany Kvyat.”
He added” “I’ve known him obviously since being a member in the Red Bull Junior Team, he drove for my team in GP3 as well, where he won the championship and his fight back that year from mid-season to the end of the year was truly impressive.” Kyvat will partner Daniel Ricciardo in 2015 and apparently has a good relationship with the high-spirited Australian. “The two drivers get on very well and know each other,” Horner added.
“They both have a bit of banter outside the car, in the car they are both hungry, no quarter given racing drivers. They know they are driving for Red Bull, the brand, the team and all employees of the ground and with that comes a responsibility.”