Hungarian Baja: 2014 is promising a big challenge for 11th edition in Hungary.

The last competiton in the popular shooting range around the city Veszprém near the famous “Lake Balaton” was in 2009 – the only time when the “Hungarian Baja” took place two days. The organizers have been working to bring the competiton back to this unique place in the last nine months and the previous four years to enrich the FIA Cross Country World Cup.


“We are looking forward our licences in these days, and in order to a bright future it is very important that everybody compete and work disciplined,” said Organizer Zoltan Garamvolgyi. “In that case if the event is successful and unproblematic we could use these current and even larger areas through additional years.”

The 11th Hungarian Baja is hosted in Papa, but the event will be more complex than in the last year: The start and the prize giving ceremony’s location is near the Perutz Stadion too. In the very popular stage (70 km) – was used at Sunday in 2013 – will be competiton in this year too and follows the (120 km) shooting range.

“We ask everyone to carefully read the Supplementary Regulation and to keep fully in the organizer’s notices and instructions of the organizers and marshals,” said Garamvolgyi. “Due to the environmental requirements and safety standards with the exception of the spectators and media points of special stages constitute a closed area and can not visit!”

Hungarian Baja

“Everyone is welcome and we wish you a very pleasant and accident-free competition. This is unique in Europe, so for this year’s Hungarian Baja we are expecting a great interest from the participants, audience and the media as well.”

The event is hosted in Papa: 688 km of total distance, 443.5 km selective stages, and for “Open” and “T4 Trucks” 508 km of total distance, 323.5 km selective stages, all in aspectacular landscape.