Is Renault glad to be done with Red Bull?

But once the new hybrid formula was introduced, Renault could not keep up and tensions emerged in the relationship in 2015.

Although the French company made some progress, it was never close enough to the Mercedes and Ferrari units and repetitive engine failures led to a frequent war of words. Finally, Red Bull elected to switch to Honda as their power unit supplier for 2019 and beyond.

Speaking with French daily L’Equipe, Prost said: “We were ultimately not unhappy to see them go, you have to be honest,”

Referring to Christian Horner and Helmut Marko’s constant criticism, Prost said: “I keep very good relationships with them, even if I criticize their way of communicating. They always go a step too far, and they know it,”

The former F1 legend acknowledged that despite an engine supplier change, the Milton Keynes outfit will remain a top contender even next year.

“Compared to Honda, we’re in front for now, but with the same engine the Red Bull was better than us, an indication of the efficiency of their chassis,” added the Frenchman.

“There’s a significant gap, and it won’t be easy to match them next year in this respect. But it’s not impossible.”

Honda is said to have made major progress in its 2019 engine and Red Bull is convinced it can fight for the title from next season. The Japanese engine maker recently signed up with turbo specialist IHI to speed up the development work on their turbocharger.

Source: Grand Prix News