One of my contacts Michael Barnard has spoken to Jaco on his cell phone today and could find out how Jaco is handling this very serious event.

From the phone call one could only conclude that he was still very brave about it, but the fact that his children are all alive and out of danger is what keeps him going.

He was incredibly thankful for all the good wishes and prayers – even from people he has not seen in many years. He is really emotional about everything – which is understandable and I would like to ask you all to keep up the support and interest. Jaco needs us all more emotionally than physically.

After everything has settled down a little bit I suppose you all would like to know how serious the injuries really were and if there will be further complications.

Cornelia – mother of the kids is at the hospital most of the time and she sent me the following report on the well being of all.

“Under the circumstances – things are as well as can be with Jaco and the children. 

Chucky – the son is at home already with a blue ear!

Bokkie the youngest daughter fractured vertebrae L1, 3 and 4 and has been placed in a brace to keep all in place. 

As we said earlier she will thankfully not need an operation and should heal in a relatively short time.

Her left leg has been placed in plaster and over and above shin injuries she also hurt the ligaments in her right ankle. 

The bone under her right eye has been cracked, but she has been moved out of ICI and must start walking today.

Ousus – the eldest – has a C2 neck fracture and will have to wear a brace for two weeks. Her left arm has also been broken.

Jaco? Well, Jaco is another story – he was truly hurt badly – very badly. 

He has three back fractures and as you know he underwent an emergency operation on Thursday – that I am so thankful to report, was successful.

He broke seven ribs as well as his sternum (breast bone).

He seriously hurt his left hand and they operated on that as well.

Jaco really looks as if he was in a war zone – he has cuts and bruises all over his body, wan the amazing thing is that the kids almost got away with no such injuries. Bokkie has the cut and bruise under her eye, Ousus a knock on the left side of her hear and Chucky the blue ear.

We as a family thank you all from our hearts and know that your prayers and good wishes carried us all through this ordeal.”

Well – there you have a better idea of this incredible story and at least the shock of Thursday subsided a little  now that we at least know no one is in immediate danger anymore.

This is going to be a long and twisty road for Jaco and the kids over the next few months – and I wish them as well  as Cornellia all the strength the will need.

Keep up the good wishes and prayers – you guys (the Rallystar readers) did extremely well so far.

More when we get feed back.