Jaguar Turned the F-Type Into a Jumping Rally Car

Jaguar is currently working on a brand new, electrified F-Type replacement, but that doesn’t mean it’s done with the current one. And given how they now intend to sell you Checkered Flag Limited Editions in the name of the XK’s 70th anniversary, the four-cylinder turbo F-Type got the rally treatment in honor of a white XK120 mainly known by its license plates. ‘NUB 120’ is Jaguar’s proof that roadsters can do it all. This car completed three consecutive Alpine rallies in the hands of Ian Appleyard, winning both the RAC and the Tulip as well.

Jaguar built two rally F-Types, both convertibles with the 296 horsepower four-cylinder. Now, that engine might be down on juice compared to the current crop of 380 horsepower WRC cars, but with rear-wheel drive and the right weight balance, it promises comparable amounts of fun.

For when the going gets rough (as in: immediately), they have grooved brake discs with four-piston calipers front and rear, hand-built, 3-way adjustable competition dampers, softer springs, gravel tires on lightweight motorsport wheels, a modified limited-slip differential, and a hydraulic handbrake.
To make sure we get enough images of the airborne prototype, Jaguar took it to the Walters Arena rally stage in South Wales. The only problem is that for some reason, we weren’t there with a Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT. We’re looking into who’s to blame.

In the meantime, Jaguar says we will see their prepped convertible at “a series of Jaguar events over the coming months.” But could it be faster around a dirty stage than an F-Pace SVR? I guess that’s for another day to find out.

Source: Road and Track. Images: Getty