Jean Todt elected to third term as FIA president

Jean Todt has been elected to a third and final term as president of motorsport’s governing body, the FIA. The Frenchman has held the position since 2009 and stood unopposed for this latest stint, which will place him in charge until 2021. Rules stipulate it will be his final term as president.

Jean Todt

Todt has promised to place “innovation, advocacy and the development of a strong network of mobility and sport clubs” front and centre of his last stint in charge.

“Innovation is essential if the FIA is to continue to improve and take its rightful place in the world as the leader in mobility and motorsport development,” he said. “To encourage this, we propose to establish an FIA Innovation Fund. Our clubs are the largest consumer organisations in their country and their 80-million road-user members make the FIA one of the largest global consumer bodies.”

The first year of Todt’s final run at the helm will see Formula One, motorsport’s premier category, enter arguably the most significant regulation change of its history, with the introduction of cockpit protection device Halo in 2018. Also on the horizon for the series are ongoing discussions about the future of the series, with the sport’s manufacturers at odds about the blueprint F1 management outlined for the next set of engine manufacturers. New owners Liberty Media are also considering the implementation of a cost cap, something Todt has been a keen advocate of since he took control.

Todt also outlined the importance of road safety and shaping a positive future for the car industry in the next few years.

“This is important because while the future of mobility is exciting, it also holds many challenges, and it is our duty to help shape it,” he said. “We will have to deal with increased congestion in all our major cities, with the introduction of autonomous vehicles, the growing cost of mobility and with the development of new technologies in developed countries.

“We need to influence the direction these developments take in order to ensure acceptable outcomes for all. My ambition remains for our Federation to continue to strive to be the best it possibly can – stronger, smarter, more secure, more professional and globally respected.”

Source: ESPN