King of the Hammers 2015 Ultimate Desert Race Event

Once again, on Friday, February 6, 2015, the Kind of the Hammers comes to “Hammertown”, located on Mean’s Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, CA.  This is one of the major events from Ultra4 racing. You can expect to see more than 300 teams competing with more than 35,000 sports fans and 4×4 enthusiasts attending.

King of the Hammers

Their unlimited Ultra4 class is open to any vehicle with 4×4 capability. Beyond that, the class is unlimited. So expect to see some of the most radical and horsepower driven monster vehicles ever to come in contact with the desert air. Some of these vehicles take crazy to an all new level. Many are built by professional teams out to prove that their rig can hammer down and take the win against a whole menagerie of 4×4 off road warriors.

But just because you have the biggest and baddest rig doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. You better be a man of steel (or wonder woman) to cover a wide variety of harsh and back crippling terrain, from crawling a few boulders, to flying at over a 100 mph across desert rocks and sand. This event is a test of man and machine, and driving skill. . Grueling heat, sand in your face, and snarling 4×4 rock crawlers nipping at your heals. You better put your big boy pants on, because no one’s going to hold your hand.

Smittybilt and Nitto Tires are the big sponsors and add their support to the event. While the off road racing covers a wide field of competitors, the big draw for fans are the buggys and seriously prepped machines that risk all. Tackling terrain at any cost, pushing their machines, and the drivers, into life threatening situations that push the adrenaline factor over the line. Fans get a show they will never forget, and the smell of heat, dust, and racing fuel is in the air.