Kubica lurking in the background at Williams?

As Robert Kubica’s hopes of racing for Renault next season appear to fade, could the Pole be in contention for a seat at Williams? Complicated discussions centered around a potential engine supplier swap between McLaren-Honda and Toro Rosso-Renault could see Carlos Sainz being traded away to the French manufacturer and paired with Nico Hulkenberg next season.

Robert Kubica

Should this occur it would obviously crush any prospects of seeing Kubica back at Renault in 2018, or a possible move by Sergio Perez who is also rumored to be high on the team’s short-list.

The current uncertainty surrounding the future of Felipe Massa at Williams could however put the Pole, and perhaps Perez, into the frame for a seat at the Grove-base outfit and the only competitive one remaining in F1.

As we know, Williams requires an experienced and ‘over 25′ driver which complies with the requirements of title sponsor Martini.

Up until last weekend, all signs appeared to point to Perez extending his stay at Force India, a team which comfortably leads Williams in this year’s Constructors’ standings, a status likely to convince the Mexican to remain draped in pink.

Is Kubica therefore in for a shot at Williams? He certainly fits the bill and pundits want to believe it. But is Sir Frank a believer?