Landman to become first African woman to tackle Dakar Rally

DURBAN – Kwa-Zulu Natal based racer Kirsten Landman is the first African woman to compete in the 2020 Dakar rally to be held in Saudi Arabia. The professional off-road and hard enduro racer has been racing since the age of eight. Her professional career began when she turned 22.

Landman almost lost her life in 2013  when she was involved in an accident while riding but her passion for the sport kept her going and never gave up.

“Any motorcyclist ultimate dream is to do the Dakar Rally and I think coming back from my injury, I wanted to face my fears and the better way to conquer your fears is to do the Dakar Rally,” Landman said.

It will be Landman’s biggest race of her life.

“ As proudly South African I am, and looking at my history in motorsport I have been the first woman to compete in enduro race in the world. To finish the Dakar Rally will be cherry on top.”