M-Sport boss impressed with Bottas’ speed and technique

“As you’d expect with a Formula 1 driver, the speed was nothing to worry about for him, but his technique between the trees was really good – he really seemed to enjoy himself,” Millener told

“One of the differences the engineers noticed was in the driving style. He didn’t go to full throttle all the time.

“As soon as these guys in the WRC have the grip they’re full throttle. But in a Formula 1 car you’re constantly looking and searching for grip, so you don’t always go straight to the [throttle] stop.

“He’s done well. For your first ever rally to go to a World Rally Car you’ve never driven before, working with a team you don’t know and a co-driver you don’t know reading notes to you for the first time, fifth is not a bad result in -30C.”

The M-Sport boss hopes to work with the Finn again in the future, and Millener is counting on another F1 driver to promote that idea.

“I would hope to see him back in the car, it’s good for the sport and interesting to see this crossover,” he said.

“If we had the opportunity, we’d like to bring him to a test in Britain – but his calendar is very, very busy.

“Robert [Kubica] is a very good salesman for the WRC and he’s back in F1 this year so I’m sure we’ll see some interest!”

Source: F1i