Manor ‘would not exist without Bianchi’

Manor Marussia boss John Booth says the team’s remarkable comeback to the grid would have been impossible were it not for Jules Bianchi’s ninth-place finish in Monaco last season.

Jules Bianchi
Jules Bianchi

Bianchi remains in a coma after the crash he suffered at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, just nine races after he scored Marussia’s first F1 points in Monte Carlo. Marussia fell into administration shortly after his Suzuka accident but in the weeks leading up to this season’s Australian Grand Prix secured new investment which allowed it to return to the grid as Manor Marussia.

Booth says those points were crucial in underlining Manor Marussia’s potential to investors and hopes the team’s presence on the grid will offer relief to Bianchi’s family.

“Without him, without those two points he got in Monaco last year, we would not be here,” Booth

“In the end, that is what convinced the new investors about the potential of the team.

“Being here now is our way of saying to Jules that the race is not over until the chequered flag has fallen. I don’t know if our presence at the track is any help to his parents, but I hope it is, however small and insignificant. We are the first to emerge from the worst ordeal Manor has ever been through, and I have no doubt that Jules will succeed as well.”