Marko: Hamilton too expensive for Formula 1

Author: Rahul Sharan

Red Bull advisor Dr.Helmut Marko says Hamilton is too expensive for Formula 1 and driver salaries must be included in the budget cap.

“Hamilton is simply too expensive for Formula 1,” said Marko to RTL / ntv.

“That’s why the driver’s salaries should also be included in the ‘cost cap’,” the Austrian concluded.

A new rule for the 2021 Formula 1 season will the teams restricted to an upper budget of $145 million with a further reduction of $5 million coming in 2022 and another reduction coming in 2023 leaving the teams with $135 million to compete with.

While the current budget restrictions do not include the driver’s salaries a discussion to limit how much a team can pay a driver seems to inevitably be on the horizon.