MAXXIS launches 4X4 Cup

MAXXIS Tires, in partnership with the National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders (NasFOR), will thrill 4×4 fans again as it stages the Maxxis 4X4 Cup Philippines: Off-Road Challenge 2019. The year-long annual event, which will be held in various provinces in the country, promises an action-packed event full of challenges for the Filipino off-road enthusiasts.

NasFOR Events Director Ramon To-ong in a press conference said, “This year is going to be extra challenging for our racers, as we’ve managed to cook up more twists and turns in the mechanics. Also, to take the 4×4 cup series up a notch, we are happy to share that this year’s Driver of the Year will be going to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, to compete in the renowned Borneo Safari.”

Maxxis tires, such as Mud Trepador M9060 and the Razr MT772, will be the official tires for the event as both tires have tread and sidewall reinforcements, and are made with rubber compounds tailored for off-road jaunts. The Mud Trepador M9060 and Razr MT 772 are specifically designed to withstand punctures and cuts, endure low pressure operation, improve off-road stability and handling, while providing excellent traction in all types of terrain for superior driving performance.

The track, which the participants will use, features a variety route twists and extremely muddy terrain plus uneven ground and waist level puddles that will surely put the participants and their 4x4s to the extreme test. This challenging track is designed by NasFOR.

Ronald Ang, Maxxis chief operating officer, said, “We’re extremely excited to announce another cycle of the Maxxis 4×4 Cup Philippines: Off-road Challenge happening this year in several provinces across the nation. The off-road community has grown so much in the eight years that Maxxis has been copresenting this year-round race event. We promise both the fans and the participants a whole new level of thrill and action this 2019.”

The partnership between Maxxis Tires and the NasFOR, which started in 2011 when the latter started delivering tough tires for its members nationwide who participates in the off-road sport, is now on its eigth year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Source: Business Mirror