MAZ presented a new truck for the Dakar rally

The truck as a new bonnet layout, with the cabin placed in a almost central position. The shift of the cockpit to the central part of the vehicle made possible to improve on the weight distribution, unloading the front axle and reducing the load on the crew. Thus, the pilot will have an easier task driving the truck and all the crew will have a better and more comfortable experience, due to a smother ride.

Externally the truck resembles a huge 4×4 . “We haven’t done anything like this yet. We tried to create one of the most beautiful sports trucks in history. It is not only powerful and maneuverable, but also looks impressive. During large rally-raids it will surely catch a lot of attention, which in turn will make it possible to promote the MAZ brand in the world even better, ”said Sergey Vyazovich, head of the MAZ-SPORTavto team.

The improved race truck is also compact and low.  Its total length is 7.05 m, width is 2.55 m, height is 3.4 m, and the wheelbase is 4.3 m. Fully loaded and in racing configuration the MAZ has a total weight of 9.6 tons.  Such an impressive machine has also an impressive engine under the bonnet, there we can find a   6 cylinder turbocharged engine Gyrtech G-13 producing a staggering 960 hp and 4500 Nm of torque.  With all this capabilities, the MAZ reaches very easily the 140km per hour of top speed, which is electronically limited to avoid penalties.  Regarding regulations, the MAZ-6440RR complies with all complies with the technical regulations of all international races.

The truck is designed and assembled inside the Minsk Automobile Plant. And almost everything is made at the head office and the factories of the holding “BELAVTOMAZ”. In particular, the frame, cabin, platform, brackets, panels and power frames are produced in Belarus. Some imported components are also used: the Allison 4000 series automatic transmission, Weweler springs, Reiger shock absorbers, SISU axles and ZF transfer case.

“Our truck was designed by the designers of the Minsk Automobile Plant. A team of 6-7 people took part in the development. Then the workers of MAZ helped to realize all this. We believe that the successful performance of the team at rally raids is, first of all, the promotion of the Belarusian manufacturer, ”explained the commercial director of JSC“ MAZ ”Gennady Skitov.

Starting in the spring, a series of off-road tests will take place.  After that, the truck will be tested on rally raids, and if everything goes as planned,  he will be sent to race at Dakar 2020. In addition, various technical solutions will be tested on the bonnet. Subsequently, they can be used on sports and serial trucks MAZ.

“Kapotnik is primarily created to win. But we will also use it to test technical innovations in extreme conditions, – explained the head of the sports team. – Now the team “MAZ-SPORTavto” is among the favorites of international rally raids. With the introduction of the new truck design, we will not only be able to increase our chances for success, but also prove the design capabilities of the Minsk Automobile Plant. ”

While the development of the new truck continues in Europe, the well know MAZ-5309RR racing trucks will be racing for the best positions on the Dakar Rally 2019, held in Peru from 6 to 17 of January.
Source: Rally-Raid Network Image: Rally-Raid Network