McLaren shows off Speedtail design themes so no two cars look alike

Six photos show off company-curated examples of Speedtails with personalized themes called “Stratosphere,” “Astral,” and “Bloodline.” Each theme is part of a collection in the Colours & Materials Inspiration Story that McLaren sent to customers to start thinking about how they want their cars to look when they begin receiving them in early 2020.

McLaren Speedtail design theme

The Stratosphere theme is part of the Urbane collection, which McLaren describes as discerning and refined. The Stratosphere’s cockpit benefits from cool-hued materials. Front and center (literally) is a metallic light blue driver’s seat flanked by two light gray passenger seats. Navy blue-painted edges and contrast stitching accent the light blue and grays. Brushed light blue anodized aluminum brightwork also creates an airy feeling in the cabin.
McLaren Speedtail design theme 

McLaren Speedtail design theme

The exterior has an exposed carbon fiber body with the contour pack, which accentuates the Speedtail’s aerodynamic lines. Brushed light blue anodized aluminum brightwork echoes the interior trim. As a final touch, the badges are finished in titanium and carbon fiber.

The Astral theme is part of the Visionary collection that McLaren calls striking, moody, and opulent. The Astral theme goes with warm colors and was imagined as a nod to England’s nautical history, especially with reference to the navy blue interior. The exterior is painted orange with silver pinstripes, and its badges are finished in carbon fiber and 18-carat white gold. Inside, it has nubuck leather passenger seats and a driver’s seat upholstered in full aniline leather, all done in navy. The upper portions of the cabin are trimmed in a bespoke Nebular quilted and digital print nubuck leather.

McLaren Speedtail design theme

Finally, McLaren touts the Dynamic collection as modern, bold, sporty, and futuristic. The entry here is the Bloodline theme that heats things up with a vivid red hue, gloss black diamond-cut wheels with light copper edges, and silver brake calipers. Inside, the driver’s seat is finished in full aniline red leather, while the passenger seats receive white semi-aniline leather. To make things even fancier, the steering wheel trim, paddle shifters, and window and door bezel surrounds are finished in carbon quartz.

While European drivers will be able to flex their hypercars with no issues, the Speedtail isn’t street-legal in the United States. The central driving position with flanking passenger seats does not allow for proper side-curtain airbags. Digital camera mirrors instead of regular mirrors also mean U.S. buyers won’t be able to take the Speedtail for a jaunt around the neighborhood.

Instead, the 35 American Speedtail buyers will need to import the car under “Show and Display” regulations. But, if they can afford a $2.2 million hypercar, they likely own a home overseas, too.

Source: Motor Authority