Michael Schumacher health condition latest news update: Formula One racer slowly recovering

Michael Schumacher is still slowly recovering after being involved in a skiing accident in December 2013. It’s been two years since the accident in the French Alps but the Formula 1 racer hasn’t still achieved full recovery.According to health experts, there is only little chance for the champion racer to be back to normal.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher

A source has informed Express that Schumacher is still unable to move and speak. His awareness about his surroundings is also limited.

Currently, there are 15 medical staff attending to him at the family’s Swiss mansion. According to the insider, the family is spending huge amount of money per week just to help him recover.

The racer’s manager Sabine Kehm has revealed that he is making progress. According to her, they are taking his rehabilitation program seriously. They are also happy about the improvements he is showing.

“We are happy to say still he does improvement and I say this always considering the severeness of the injury he had. But of course it will take a very long time for everybody involved to fight, and we are happy to take this fight,” said Kehm in an interview.

The health professionals attending the retired German racing driver are monitoring his condition 24 hours a day. The neurological and spinal surgeon Dr. Peter Hamlyn believes that Schumacher and his family will have to wait for years to observe a good recovery based on the performance of other head injury victims, Crossmap reports.

This is actually what is happening with 47-year-old Formula One World Champion. It’s more than two years since the accident happened but none of the family members has confirmed the victims full recovery.

The neurologist also added that the Schumacher’s must ready themselves for the challenges that will come on their way.

Source: Reuters