Michael Schumacher : Museum To Permanently Display Racer’s F1 Collection For Free

Michael Schumacher’s F1 collection of trophies, cars and more will be showcase permanently and for free. To honor the contributions of the racer on the F1 field while his health condition is still unknown for many.

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s family entered into an agreement with Motorworld Koln-Rheinland to exhibit the F1 collection of the iconic racer permanently and free. It will be the first time the complete collection of Schumacher will be displayed to the public and it will be open to all later this year or early 2017.

The manager of the seven-time Formula 1 champion and the family’s spokesperson, Sabine Khem confirmed the site where that the exhibition will be held will be near Kerpen – Schumacher’s hometown, to pay tribute to the racer’s people who had always supported him throughout his career.

Cars, trophies, clothing and other souvenirs that Schumacher has collected over his long and fruitful career have been transferred to the Museum of Motorworld Koln-Rheinland. It is said that Schumacher’s collection will be the most precious asset of the museum and will be on the first corridor.

Michael Schumacher’s Wife’s Wishes

What’s even better about this news is that the exhibition will be absolutely free as per requested by Michael Schumacher’s wife as the collection of objects related to the career of Michael will enable his followers to enjoy memories and relive the great moments of his career.

“It is the strong desire of Michael’s wife and family that all interested fans can see the collection without having to pay an entrance fee, ” Kehm said.

Michael Schumacher’s Health

It was a very sad moment when F1 great Michael Schumacher suffered a fall on December 29, 2013 while skiing the Swiss Alps. The accident caused brain damage as well as other physical damages of which the racer still continues to recover today. There are very few news and updates about the health of the racer but recent reports said that his treatments are now costing 20,000 euros per day.

A recent hoax news spread online about Schumacher already having the ability to stand and walk again. This was proven false by Schumacher’s wife and plan to sue the reporter for the malice news as the racer reportedly can’t still walk or even stand at all. For now, Michael’s family continuously requests for privacy.

There hasn’t been enough good news about Michael Schumacher recently and it is nice that this time, at least something good for the fans came out. The museum will be a perfect spot for the fans to relive Michael and pray for his recovery as it was said that a miracle might be needed for him.