Mick Schumacher to drive father’s 2004 championship car at German GP

Mick Schumacher will drive his father’s 2004 championship-winning car ahead of the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim on July 27.Schumacher is the son of seven-time world champion Michael, the most successful driver in the history of Formula One. The seventh of those titles came in the Ferrari F2004, capping off the team’s run of championships at the start of the decade.

Michael claimed four career victories at Hockenheim (1995, 2002, 2004, 2006), while Mick wrapped up last season’s F3 championship there.

“I think it’s mega driving this car in Hockenheim,” Mick said. “The last time I was on this track was when I celebrated my Formula 3 championship title, and now I’ll be able to drive one of the strongest cars in Formula 1 history there – a big grin creeps into my face.

“All motorsport crazy people can look forward to a very special and wonderfully loud moment.”

Mick is currently racing in the F2 category and earlier this year was signed to the Ferrari junior academy — he got his first taste of up-to-date F1 machinery at a test after the Bahrain Grand Prix He’s driven one of his father’s old cars before, completing a lap in his 1994 Benetton ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix in 2017.

One man synonymous with Michael’s dominance of F1 is Ross Brawn, who was technical chief with Schumacher during his title-winning years at Benetton in the mid-1990s and Ferrari at the start of the 2000s. Brawn is now the motor racing chief of F1 and he is relishing the chance to see a Schumacher back behind the wheel of the F2004.

“It will be an emotional moment seeing Mick at the wheel of a car linked to so many great memories,” Brawn said. “The F2004 was a fantastic car, which took 15 wins and both championship titles in a season that can be seen as the culmination of a golden period, which was the result of all the hard work from an amazing group of people and Michael Schumacher, a supremely talented driver.

“I’m sure that all the fans at Hockenheim will be pleased to see it roaring around the track again, especially with Mick in the cockpit. One of the requests we get most often from fans is to see the cars that wrote F1 history back on track, so this demonstration run at Hockenheim will be truly unmissable.”

Source: ESPN