Classic circuit corners including Parabolica and Lesmo, steeply banked curves, tricky gravel sections and a day in the foothills of the Italian Alps are among the highlights of next month’s ACI Rally Monza.
Valentino Rossi has been touted as a possible Rally Monza entrant

The rally will be the most compact traditional WRC round ever with 241.37km, almost 50 per cent of the 505.38km route, competitive.

The event, appearing in the WRC for the first time as a late addition to the Covid-19 affected calendar, opens on Thursday afternoon with the 2.02km Monza King of Show curtain-raising speed test.

Friday’s first full day comprises five special stages at the parkland circuit near Milan. Two morning passes through the 13.29km A test are followed by a double run over the 16.04km B stage. The leg closes with the single 10.33km C Grand Prix test in darkness.

A 15-minute service follows each of the opening four stages, with a regular 45-minute service at the end of the day. The competitive distance is 68.99km.

Saturday journeys north-east for the longest leg of the event on roads close to Lake Como, north of Bergamo.

Morning and afternoon loops comprising Selvino (26.39km), Gerosa (11.31km) and Costa Valle Imagna (22.13km) are separated by service at Monza. A repeat of Friday’s C Grand Prix test, again in darkness, takes the day’s tally to 129.99km of competition.

That stage is tackled for a third time on Sunday morning before a double attempt at Monza’s 15.02km D test. The second run will form the Wolf Power Stage and confirm the destination of the drivers’ and manufacturers’ world titles. The day’s action totals 40.37km.

Source: WRC