NASCAR driver says ‘all hell broke loose’ in monster crash

The NASCAR championship hasn’t officially started yet but several cars have already been wrecked in a mass pile up.

Most of the 20-car field was wiped out in a mammoth crash in an exhibition race at the iconic Daytona circuit in Florida on Sunday (Monday NZT).

Jimmie Johnson won the non-championship Clash at Daytona exhibition race but he was said to have triggered the huge crash.

But Johnson put the blame with then race leader Paul Menard – who, of course, felt Johnson caused the crash.

“I felt like it was aggressive side-drafting,” Menard told AP. “I got turned to the inside and hooked to the right and all hell broke loose.”

The pair came together with Menard spinning into the path of several drivers who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Menard was leading the race – that had been stopped three times because of rain – when he and Johnson came together on lap 55.

“I have a split-second decision to try to win a race, and I set up the pass and got position on him clean,” Johnson told AP.

“I don’t know what triggered his car wobbling and then the accident started from there.”

The chain-reaction further back in the field left a wake of destruction with most of the 20-car field either wrecked or damaged.

“I looked in the mirror and there were a lot of cars caught up in it,” Johnson told AP.

The race was abandoned just four laps after the crash, because of rain, with Johnson crowned the winner.

Source: Stuff, NZ   Image: AP