No overnight fixes for F1 – Brawn

Ross Brawn says the complexity of Formula 1 denies Liberty Media the chance of quick solutions and any alterations to the sport have a strict criteria to meet. e former Ferrari, Brawn GP and Mercedes chief has been installed by Liberty Media to oversee the sporting side of the F1 management under new CEO Chase Carey after the axing Bernie Ecclestone last month.

Brawn has drawn up a number of issues to address in his new position – including revisiting the F1 budget cap and assessing ‘quality not quantity’ on the F1 calendar – but has ruled out any quick fixes to the key points.

“There are some straightforward issues, but the solutions are going to take some time,” Brawn said to the BBC. “We want to focus on making the show as good as it can be and the entertainment as good as it can be.

Every decision will have to tick some boxes and those will be ‘does it make sport better? Does it make it more entertaining? Does it make it more economic?’
“You can’t change a sport as complex as Formula 1 overnight but the message is that we are fighting to make the sport as entertaining and as viable as we can. I hope with the continued pressure we can apply, we can steer the sport into a better place.”

Brawn and Liberty Media will be watching pre-season testing and the opening race in Australia with a keen interest to see how the 2017 technical regulations revamp impacts F1, with recent fears of a drop in exciting racing being flagged up.