‘No sense’ to try F1 comeback – Kubica


 Robert Kubica has suggested he is close to abandoning the idea of ever returning to Formula One.Amid the Polish driver’s burgeoning F1 career in early 2011, he almost severed his arm in a pre-season rally crash.
Robert Kubica Lotos M-sport Ford Fiesta RRC

Now 30, he has returned to professional duties as a world rally driver but until now has never ruled out one day re-joining the F1 circus.

He told the Ferrari insider Leo Turrini’s Quotidiano blog: “I do not miss the atmosphere of Formula One, but I do miss driving the cars.

“That was the dream of my life. I was born to race on the track and I managed to do it. And then something happened.

“Physically, I can still drive the cars. Last year I participated in some (simulator) tests, and while I cannot say the results were negative, I can’t say I achieved the same results as I did in the past.

“As a result, there is no sense to start all over again, so I have focused on the rally.”

Meanwhile, Kubica said he has great admiration for the feats this year of F1’s new double world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

“The guy who impressed me the most even when we were kids was Hamilton,” said the Pole. “He deserves enormous satisfaction for what he has done in 2014.”