No worthy bids from new teams to enter F1 – Todt

“When we see there is a serious offer, as we did when Haas came to Formula 1, we understood there was some serious interest so we created a tender,” said Todt. 

“At the moment, we have ten teams competing in F1, we have a good championship. The maximum number of teams we would accept is 12 so I’m happy to listen to any good proposals.

“We are working to have an even better championship, but the agreements we have is for a maximum for 12 teams.”

The Haas F1 Team was indeed the last outfit to enter Grand Prix racing.

As F1 continues to shape its future direction under sporting manager Ross Brawn’s guidance, with an emphasis on less sophisticated technology and cost reduction, it’s unlikely any new contenders – either manufacture or independent entries – will join the grid until a clear regulation platform is defined for 2021.