North America’s most famous off-road race begins Saturday

North America’s most famous off-road race begins Saturday Nov 23 just outside of Ensenada, Mexico – a day late thanks to torrential rains that are sure to have muddied up the course. But there’s good news – we’ve got a few superstar racers pairing up to tackle the 1,287-kilometer course through Baja’s rocky roads and sandy washes.

Andy McMillin (US) and Bryce Menzies (US) have always been racing against each other – but for the 2019 Baja 1000, they’re going to be on the same team – piloting the same Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck as fast as they can during this iconic off-road race – each taking a turn (or two) at the wheel as the truck races non-stop, day and night, over 1,287 kilometers. With five Baja 1000 wins to his name, Andy knows what he’s doing – and Bryce has proven himself with three Baja 500 championships, making this duo very dangerous!

“I feel very confident going into this years’ Baja 1000. Our new AWD truck performed flawlessly at its debut race at the Baja 400 in September. We have our in a lot of time and testing into this new truck and I am extremely happy with the way it is performing.” – Andy McMillin

“I am so excited to be racing with the Andy McMillin at this year’s Baja 1000. I’ve wanted to race with Andy for years and to finally have the opportunity is so exciting for our team and our future in off-road.” – Bryce Menzies

Just as exciting is another last-minute entry from two legendary off-road racers, coming in from afar. Reigning Dakar Rally champions, Australian Toby Price (AUS) and Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT), will also be hopping in a Trophy Truck together for the first time. While the Baja 1000’s all-day, all-night style of racing will be a change for the cross-country rally experts, their driving skills will make them a force to be reckoned with. Toby will be joined by co-driver Dustin Hellstrom, and Al-Attiyah of course by Mathieu Baumel. The pair are supported by Baja racing legend Jesse Jones.

“Baja in itself is a challenge, you have to expect the unexpected. Anything can happen in this race and you really need to stay calm and let it come to you.” – Toby Price

“I am so excited to do Baja 1000 – I’ve been dreaming of doing this race for a long time! With two Dakar champions, I think it will be really a nice feeling to race together.” – Nasser Al-Attiyah

“This race is unique by the length and the time – the crew will have to stay focused on the track. Should be less difficult on navigation as we have some recce possibility… then Nasser and I will have to find the fastest and easiest way during the race!” – Mathieu Baumel

Nasser and Toby have already agreed on one strategy – Toby will open the course on roads that he already knows, then plans on handing the truck over to superstar driver Nasser with plenty of life left in it for the race to the finish.

Pre-running – where the race teams scout the course – began in November. As of this mailing, the race start has been delayed for 24 hours following torrential rains in Northern Baja – meaning the course is sure to be wet and wild!

Source: Red Content Pool