Ogier dominance continues in SS3

The new, fast 18.73km stage of Röjden serves as Rally Sweden SS3 this year. Sebastien Ogier, first on the road, finished fastest yet again with a time of 9.59.4, his clean and tidy style proving fastest in the snow.
Sebastien Ogier
Sebastien Ogier

Mikkelsen and Østberg proved at home in the conditions, finishing with times of 10.01.6 and 10.03.9 respectively. Brit Kris Meeke continues to prove his talent in the snow, finishing fourth in stage, just six tenths behind Østberg. ‘I had a good rhythm… I tried to be as clean as possible.’ He commented.

Latvala had a somewhat disappointing stage, finishing 5.8 seconds slower than Ogier, in fifth. ‘That is not good. I thought I had a good run, but the time is not there.’ Neuville, Evans and Tanak round out the top eight.

Henning Solberg crossed the finish line ninth fastest, shortly before being seen shaking his head. ‘I’m pushing but I don’t get the times. Not good enough for sure.’ He responded. ‘The car is good so it has to be my driving.’

Rouding out the top ten is Prokop with a time of 10.23.8 – nearly 25 seconds slower than the leader. The 20.76km SS4 of Finnskogen begins soon.