A RALLYSTAR adrenaline filled day, starts off with an interesting introduction session during which we discuss our passion, “the art of driving”, rallying as a sport and the incredible experience of participating.

We also tell you about the rules for the day and chat in general about drivelines, rally car behaviour, what to do and what not to do.

This intro session taken seriously is worth the time and money spent for the whole course. You can of course sit looking around, thinking about the previous evening or even how you are going to drive without listening – and not get much worth – that is up to you. We are glad to say that 98% of people do not disappoint.

We give you a short lecture in the use of Pace Notes and by the time you get to do your special stage you will drive it like a rally driver!

After the theory we all move to the track for the real McCoy!

We would like to remind you that you are in the bushveld. Please do not fool around with cigarettes or matches, and keep your eyes open when walking in the grass. The snake in the bible was not the last one around! Do not forget the sunblock and sexy hat!

Then also stay off the road and if you have children – they are your responsibility. Rally and racing will always be dangerous – so please take extra care and do not do anything silly.

After a theoretical session, you will be taken around the track on a recce run to discuss “racing lines”, brake-points, etc. We will point out the danger points, the specific things to watch out for. Please do not try to memorise the track as you will come short! When it is your tirn to drive, listen to your navigator and drive accordingly!

After the recce and instructions you be allowed to get behind the steering wheel of a real rally car for your first laps. This is mainly to familiarise yourself with the car and get the feeling of its power and behaviour on gravel. Then follows what you have been waiting for!

The chance to get the feel of the power and sensational adrenaline rush generated by a rally car driven in anger!

Depending of your ability and concentration levels after you complete your final lap , you will be taken directly onto the Special Stage which runs over a road you do not know. There you will have to drive according to the calls of your navigator and mistakes could be expensive.


Have you the ability to drive and keep a rally car on the road while memorising instructions as they come, then execute them in the right order, while listening to the next ones coming your way…??

Instructions come at machine gun tempo and you will have to interpret them as you drive through the RALLYSTAR special stage! This is where you need to keep your cool and prove that you have what it takes!

Then, after you completed all your runs we will pump every drop of adrenaline you still have left, through your veins, when one of our instructors will, as a bonus, take you for a Hotseat Spin around the specialist rally track.

The amount of fun you will have at Rallystar will depend on you – all you have to do is to drive within your limits, listen to your instructor/navigator and it will be a day you will always remember.

RALLYSTAR is different, unique, fun and after this experience you will have new respect for the ability of rally drivers who do all these things at high speed!

(See Learner drivier – bookings below.)


The Rallystar Rally Hotseat Experience starts with a short briefing during 
which we explain what you can expect in a rally car.

Then you are safely strapped into one of our powerful rally cars and one of
our professional rally drivers will take you around part of the specialist rally
stage at a medium pace to familiarise you with the rally car and get the
adrenaline pumping.

Then when you start to believe that it can’t be all that bad, all hell breaks
loose when our professional rally driver opens up the powerful rally car and
takes you for the ride of your life!


Leon Botha is one of the most respected instructors in the rally world. The multiple rally champion has gained his experience under the most difficult circumstances – he surely knows what it is like to compete as privateer and factory driver. How to get that win in an inferior car, beating the “chequebook brigade!”

Sessions to make established rally drivers go “quicker” also very popular. 

Driving control sessions very useful to race drivers as well. 

Training only on weekdays and appointment. 


FATHER/MOTHER -Learner drivers! Rallystar will make its very smooth and car friendly tracks available to people who would like to improve their driving skills and/or get used to driving a car on different surfaces. 

The track will open at 11h00 and close at 16h00 – Sundays only.

Bookings essential – only 25 cars will be allowed to run under controlled conditions.

10h15 short intro talk where we discus the rules of the track, describe tests, safety and some driving techniques.

Cost will be R250 per learner driver. Braais can be arranged – experience a day in the real Bushveld!

Track at the Sun Carousel Casino adjacent to N1 50km North of Pretoria. 

Inquiries to rallystar49@gmail.com  Please mark as “Learner Driver”  

Contact us for more information:

Leon Botha
082 555 3119

or Bookings for all activities on:

082 858 2931