Paris announces Dakar Rally 2016 to pass through Peru

The Dakar Rally will begin in Peru and take off to Bolivia and Argentina.For the last two years, Peru has missed the lineup for a hosting country of the Dakar Rally Latin America race.


Dakar Peru

To the excitement of many fans and participants, Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) announced in Paris this morning that the route of the Dakar Rally 2016 will include Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, according to El Comercio.

Peru has the honor of opening the race with the initial starting point in Lima. The section in Peru will take on the role as the desert portion of the race, as Chile is unable to be part of the race. This is the first year Chile will not take part of the the Latin American Dakar Rally due to natural disasters. Chile normally composes the desert portion as the Atacama desert offers prime Sahara-like landscapes for the racers.

Two years of absence and Peru is ready to host. The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva confirmed with El Comercio that Peru will not only be part of the tour, but the start of the race as well.

The race will traverse the wild desert that runs along the Pacific. Etienne Lavigne told El Comercio that, “It will be the part of the desert, of sand, dunes, of navigation. The closest thing there is to the Sahara desert.”

Then the Dakar Rally will make its way to Bolivia, more than 3,500 meters high, and to the Salar de Uyuni. The motorcyclists will then persist to the final country, Argentina, where they will end in the city of Lionel Messi, Rosario.

The race is scheduled to take off from Lima January 3, 2016.